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GCBSS Awards

GCBSS 2014 Awards || Business & Social Sciences Conference

Best paper Award

This award will be granted to the best paper in GCBSS 2014 . Organizing committee will select the best paper based on feedback of scientific review committee. Evaluation based on relevancy of paper on given themes, content and quality of the paper and impotency of findings. Both oral and virtual paper submission will be eligible to "Best paper award". Decision of GCBSS 2014 organizing committee is the final decision.

Best Presentation Awards

This award will be granted to presenters based on their presentations at the conference. Quality of the presentation, content of the presentation and level of interaction with the audience in the Q&A session will be used by Session Chair to select the best paper in his/her session. Decision of Session Chair will be the final decision.

Best student award

This award will be granted to student presentations. Quality of the presentation, time management and quality of the findings relevant to on-going practices may have higher level of chance to get selected. Decision of the GCBSS 2014 Research panel will be the final decision.

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