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The Global Academy of Training & Research (GATR) in collaboration with the National and International Universities and Publishers such as Elsevier (UK), Inderscience (Switzerland), UPM Press (Malaysia) ,Kalasalingam University, (India) and University of Brawijaya (Indonesia) is organizing the 2nd Global Conference on Business and Social Science (GCBSS).

The Global Conference on Business and Social Sciences Series the papers in the twelve thematic areas with multiple research approaches and methodologies. This includes the papers on specific management areas ranging from accounting through economics and banking to general management and marketing and the methodologies ranging from hypothetic-deductive approaches through qualitative case studies to critical theorisations. Also, conference associated journals entertain the papers with trans-disciplinary flavors, including the ones addressing the issues in the areas ranging from education through psychology to political science and culture and society, and drawing on these each other's discipline. Hence, the conference provides a platform for wide-ranging issues, which captures contemporary developments in business, management and the social sciences within which a wide range of networking opportunities can be nurtured for the advancement of future research and global collaboration. This approach is now vital in research endeavours as business, management and education practices are increasingly prone to an era of cross-fertilization through meaningful multi-disciplinary collaborations.

  • Provide a platform for international relationships among the researchers involved in Business and Social Science.
  • Provide publication opportunity in the associated journals with GCBSS conferences.
  • Opportunity to meet with plenary speaker's the world leading thinkers and innovators in the field.
  • Provide a conducive environment for the participants to share experiences in Business and Social Science fields.
  • Enables triggering minds among the parties involved.
  • Provide opportunities to form partnerships among research participants.
  • Expanding the field of Business and the Social Science at the Global level.
With the main theme as ''Contemporary Issues in Management & Social Science Research'' the conference will cover important issues in Business and the Social Science under various sub-themes. Among the sub-themes that will be discussed are as follows:

Management, Education and Psychology reforms in Asia and Europe.

Accounting and Finance issues around development reform programmes
in the globe.

Transformation in Economics and Banking in Asia

Cultural implications of Marketing in developing countries.

Contemporary issues in Management and Social Science Research.

  • Access unique and high-quality content,
  • Inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary character of the conference
  • World class speakers and leading researchers on all aspects of Business and Social Science,
  • State of the art techniques/technologies,
  • Networking with academics and industrial experts.

We look forward to meet you in the Global Conference on Business and Social Sciences Series around the world!


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