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Global Academy of Training & Research GATR (Malaysia)

Global Academy of Training and Research is a registered publishing firm in Malaysia that provides platforms for academics to excel. It publishes journals, books, and provides research services in a wide range of disciplines. GATR aims at encouraging young scholar, trainers, academic & corporate researchers to conduct meaningful research and provide useful knowledge for academic and socio-economic development of their respective nations. The academic outfits also organizes seminars, workshops, conferences, symposiums, world forum and academic tours. Because of current status of Malaysia as an emerging global educational hub. Malaysia provides a good and conducive environment for learning and research. GATR has initiated the Journey from Malaysia and has an ambition to serve humanity around the Globe.

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ELESVIER (United Kingdom)

Elsevier, the modern publishing company, was founded in 1880. It has evolved from a small Dutch publishing house devoted to classical scholarship into an international multimedia publishing company with over 20,000 products for educational and professional science and healthcare communities worldwide. Elsevier takes its name from the original House of Elsevier, a Dutch family publishing house founded in 1580. Elsevier's history reflects a series of collaborations in the effort to advance science and health. These publishing collaborations with a group of scientific visionaries — ranging from Jules Verne to Stephen W. Hawking — created the foundation of scientific and medical publishing. The efforts of the men and women dedicated to disseminating and using scientific and medical knowledge have been equally critical– the editors, printers, librarians, nurses, doctors, engineers, information specialists and business people at the centre of scientific and health publishing. Relationships with other great science publishers such as North Holland, Pergamon, Mosby, W.B. Saunders, Churchill Livingstone and Academic Press have also been Integral to our success. These are just a few of the companies that are now part of the Elsevier family, bringing with them rich histories of their own. As the company moves forward, our founding motto remains apt: Non Solus– Not Alone.

Inderscience (Switzerland)

Inderscience is a global company, a dynamic leading independent journal publisher which has grown to a medium-sized enterprise, large enough to have the capabilities of a major company but small enough to be flexible and responsive to the requirements of its editors, authors and subscribers. The company disseminates the latest research across the broad fields of science, engineering and technology; management, public and business administration; environment, ecological economics and sustainable development; computing, ICT and internet/web services, and related areas. It grew out of successfully establishing. Inderscience Publishers is an academic publisher that publishes peer-reviewed journals in the fields of law, engineering and technology, management and business administration, and energy, environment, and sustainable development. Inderscience offers over 35 years' experience in publishing and has succeeded in building up a substantial collection approaching 400 high-quality peer-reviewed international research journals in both online and print formats. We offer a variety of ways you can keep up-to-date with the latest published leading edge research while our online collection represents a fully-searchable digital archivefully-searchable digital archive of around 60,000 articles.

University of Brawijaya, (Indonesia)

University of Brawijaya (UB) is located in the city of Malang, East Java province, Indonesia. UB was officially declared by the President of the Republic of Indonesia January 5th 1963. UB is a leading university in Indonesia with more than 50,000 students in degrees ranging from the diploma programs (one- and two-year), Bachelor's degree program, Master's degree program, Doctoral degree program, and Medical Specialist program in 11 faculties. UB campus is in the city of Malang, East Java, in a strategic location easily reached by public transportation. The campus has a pleasant climate with many trees and the cool air of Malang at 475 meters elevation Visions: To be an outstanding university and play an active role as an agent of change to the society through education, research and community services complies with the national and international standard. Mission: To conduct professional teaching-learning process. To promote awareness to the existence of God's creations and appreciation of human and other creatures rights. To conduct academic process that educates the students to be highly competent graduates and qualified professionals. To innovate, develop, and disseminate sciences and technologies, to empower community welfare and enhance the national culture.

Kalasalingam University, (India)

Kalasalingam University is established in 1984 and unique in diverse respects. The founding philosophy of the Institute is to "Empower Youth", for development through technology.Having been created on the panoramic foothills of the Western Ghats, the University houses in itself all that is essential for moulding the young children entrusted to her care into technically sound engineers and managers.It's a UGC recognized, 30 year old NAAC accredited, spacious, eco-friendly Institution with plenty of flora and fauna around. On weekends, when the campus is free from children, it is a lovely sight to see the visitors from the Western Ghats—visitors like the Peacocks, the Peahens, batches of Deer, Bison, Wild Boars, Hedgehogs, to name a few. The presence of a sizable number of International community on campus helps prevail a multicultural atmosphere. The University has entered into an MOU with a good number of overseas Universities primarily for academic interaction and student exchange programmes.

The University is proud to have a good number of dedicated and qualified faculty who are always ready to walk a second mile to make the teaching-learning exercise a richly rewarding one. Student friendly monitoring mechanism. Other highlights of the academic strength are flexible academic system integrated with skill development courses for slow and fast leaners, choice-based credit system, non-CGPA courses, space for summer term and winter term courses, faculty advisory system, space for BEC, GRE, GATE, IELTS, TOEFEL and foreign languages like German, French, Korean and Romanian.A separate block housing International Research Centre with facilities for research in diverse areas, which include Nano Technology, Bio Technology, Composite Material, has been recently established.

Asia-Pacific Institute of Dispute Management (APIDM), Australia

The Asia-Pacific Institute of Dispute Management (APIDM) offers arbitration, negotiation, adjudication and mediation services to business people. It maintains a list of qualified arbitrators, adjudicators and mediators. It manages a comprehensive database of articles on dispute resolution, especially arbitration. It offers educational training services. Leading to accreditation as an arbitrator. APIDM is the Perth Registry of the Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (ACICA) and is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London. As the successor organisation to the Western Australian Institute of Dispute Management (WAIDM), it is also a member organisation of the Asia Pacific Regional Arbitration Group (APRAG).

Macro Think Institute (United States of America)

Macrothink Institute is a private organization of USA and dedicated to scientific research and publication. Macrothink Institute publishes online scholarly journals that are open to readers.Macrothink Institute is different from a traditional academic publisher. First, Macrothink Institute has minimized its administrative system. Second, Macrothink Institute works with excellent scholars from around the world. This pattern of organization ensures that Macrothink is powered by wide-ranging ideas from many cultures and research areas. Third, we think that open-source is an essential channel to utilize in order to promote the development of science and research. All journals published by Macrothink are open to readers, and anyone can download or read our online journals without payment or subscription.

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