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1) What are the official dates of the 6th GCBSS 2017?
The official conference dates are 4-5 December, 2017 Bangkok, Thailand. Please keep check the schedule online at conference program tab for up-to-date information.
2) I am an international attendee. How do I obtain a formal invitation letter to submit with my visa application?
Please complete the online registration first. When you have received your confirmation email, send an email to the 6th GCBSS Conference Committee at gcbss2017@gmail.com or admin@gcbss.org with the following information:
  • Prefix
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Passport No
  • Job Title
  • Institution Name
  • Institution Address
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Postal Code
  • Country
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact Email Address
3) Can I get an itemized receipt to submit to my accounting department?
Please contact the 6th GCBSS committee by phone at +603 2117 5006 or email at admin@gcbss.org for an itemized receipt.
4) Should I stay at the conference hotel?
It is highly recommended for your convenience, but not necessary. For other accommodation options, you are free to search hotel booking websites.
5) What kind of technical equipment is provided for paper presentation at the conference?
  • Laptop Computer
  • LCD Data Projector
6) Can I deduct money transfer fee from the registration fee?
No. You must pay any bank transfer pay by yourself and cannot deduct any amount from the registration fee.
7) What is the length of Oral Paper Presentation?
Two types of parallel presentations: Abstract based presentation duration is 10-12 Minutes including Discussions. Full paper based presentation duration is 15-20 Minutes including Discussions.
8) Is there a Poster Paper Presentation Session?
Yes, the poster papers are included in the poster presentation sessions and the special issue of publication. We strongly request delegated to provide poster one week before the conference dates.
9) Is there E-session/visual Presentation facility available?
Yes, International/national authors are allowed to present their paper through SKYPE and the visual session paper will also be included in the special issue of journal publication if paper meets the merit.
10) Do you arrange accommodation and traveling services for the conference participants?
No, Conference delegates should arrange their accommodation and travelling schedule. For guidance please visit Accommodation.
11) Can you arrange any conference tour or sightseeing after the conference end?
Yes. Conference tour of Bangkok is an additional event on 6 December, 2017. For details please visit Conference Tour
12) Can you sponsor me to visit Thailand? Can you provide me financial assistance?
No. We don't have any financial assistance at the moment, the conference registration fees is already economical that offers utmost benefit plus publication cost sponsored by GATR.
13) Will my photo/videos be taken during the conference?
GCBSS takes photographs and videos during its meetings and events for use in Association advertising, newsletters, and other promotional materials, whether in print, electronic, or other media, including the GATR and conference websites. By participating in this conference you grant GCBSS Committee the right to use your name and photograph for such purposes.
14) I am interested in sponsorship opportunities. Whom should I contact?
Please contact Prof. Abd Rahim Muhammad at +603 2117 5006 or admin@gcbss.org
15) When is registration open?
Registration opens 4 December 2017 at 8:00 A.M, In the Lobby of Ambassador Hotel Bangkok.
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