Deans & Directors Networking Session

About GATR:

Global Academy of Training and Research (GATR), is a registered research firm in Malaysia that provides platforms for academics and organizations to excel. GATR aims at encouraging young scholars, established researchers, trainers, academic & corporate researchers to conduct meaningful research and provide useful knowledge for the academic and socio-economic development of their respective nations. GATR also organizes seminars, workshops, conferences, symposiums, world forum and academic tours. GATR has an ambition to serve humanity around the Globe.


The 4th annual Global Conference on Business and Social Sciences Deans & Directors networking session is a strategic level event for determining trends in future Business and Social sciences research around the globe for sharing experiences and for discussing areas of mutual interest.

This year's GCBSS networking session will focus on establishing business and social sciences research through creating collaborations among institutions and with other key players who influence business and social sciences research.


The key objectives of the deans and directors networking session are:

  • To strengthen business and social sciences research through industry academia collaborations.
  • To propose ways to enhance research activities and trainings through collaborations.
  • To provide multiple outlets of publications for young scholars through collaborations.
  • To provide focused recommendations to the business and social sciences schools for enhancing research skills of graduates through Collaborations.



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