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Academic Discussion Session

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Global Academy of Training and Research (GATR), is a registered research firm in Malaysia that provides platforms for academics and organizations to excel. GATR aims at encouraging young scholars, established researchers, trainers, academic & corporate researchers to conduct meaningful research and provide useful knowledge for the academic and socio-economic development of their respective nations. GATR is organizing the academic discussion session in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


The academic discussion session provides an opportunity for participants to relax by listening to, or participating in, a pleasant exchange of ideas about a topic that is directly of your interest. It provides an opportunity to break the otherwise slightly boring schedule of speeches which will be delivered during the conference. The topic: "Are academics still valued in the societies we come from" is an opportunity to discuss the place of academic discourse in a number of countries, or in society in general.

At an academic discussion session, each panel member will have 5 minutes to put forward his or her views followed by questions/comments from the floor.









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